Leila Janah
Founder & CEO of Samasource; USA
Johan H. Andresen
Chairman, FERD; Norway
Jonas Kjellberg
Managing Director at Skype; Sweden
Liz Wald
Head of International at Indiegogo; USA
David Rowan
Editor of WIRED UK
Ian Goldin
Director, Oxford Martin School; UK
Lauren Anderson
Chief Knowledge Officer at Collaborative Consumption; Australia
Rolf Assev
Partner at StartupLab Oslo; Norway
Pär Almqvist
CMO at OMC Power; Sweden
Kim Daniel Arthur
Product and Tech at Superplus; Norway
Siri Skøien
Founder, Comlight AS; Norway
Professor Edgar Hertwich
Professor of Energy and Process Engineering, NTNU; Norway
Frode Hvattum
Nordic Sustainability at Accenture; Norway
Dr Jonathan Cullen
Lecturer, University of Cambridge; UK
Dr Pedro Oliveira
Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Portugal
Keri Damen
Director, Entrepreneurship Programs; Canada
Kristianne Ervik
Research Fellow at NTNU; Norway
Rune Sævik
Communications Manager at Investinor; Norway
Marshall Phelps
CEO of ArticleOne Partners
Ruud Peters
Executive VP and Advisor, Philips
Jan van Kranendonk
Entrepreneur; Netherlands
Valentina D'Efilippo
Information Designer; UK
Ian Harvey
Former CEO, BTG
Tor Bækkelund
Managing Partner at Startup Lab Oslo; Norway
Arne Ove Rødstøl
Manager Innovation, Market and Sales at Ulstein; Norway
Gustav Brismark
Vice President of Strategies and Portfolio Management at Ericsson
Camilla Ley Valentin
CCO and Co-Founder of Queue-It; Denmark
Ragnhild Byrkjeland
Co-founder and Product Manager at Rendra AS; Norway
Johan Røed
Designer at Rendra AS; Norway
Steve Ford
Multi-Talented Artist; Norway
Joakim Formo
Senior Researcher at Ericsson; Sweden
Brian Weisberg
Founder of betaFACTORY; Norway
Ingrid Schjølberg
Project Director, NTNU; Norway
Gaute Hagerup
Organization Development at Innovation Norway
Kjell Håkan Närfelt
Chief Strategy Officer at VINNOVA; Sweden