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In case you are new to the scene, Trondheim is the it-place for large scale technology development, a venture that Technoport helps to foster each and every day. That’s also why Technoport's annual conference has become one of Europe's top innovation events and meeting grounds. These efforts have contributed to an increasing eagerness in business relations over the last years, while also strengthening new national and international networks. The conference highlights technology successes and creates new models for innovation platforms. All of this compounded makes Technoport a great catalyst for continually building the awareness of Trondheim as one of the top technology cities in Europe.

Our strength lies in the active membership in our organisation, from key players in our business sector such as Sparebank1 and Statoil, to Norway's largest University NTNU, to our local government, the City of Trondheim. Through these relationships we help to support our thriving startup community. There is also an urgent need to “open up” traditional companies and the public sector and make them more attractive to innovative competencies outside of their traditional boundaries. Technoport aims to establish the necessary structures and platforms required to accelerate cooperation with external talent, innovators, entrepreneurs, subcontractors and the wider community. Over the last six years Trondheim has built a strong eco-system for entrepreneurs in growth. Technoport's annual conference has become the primary breeding ground for connections forged between traditional industry, the public sector, and capital; inviting them to meet the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Today’s hyper-competitive, überconnected global economy necessitates that companies and governments develop and launch new products and services faster than you can say “silo-based research-and-development!” The innovation resources required to achieve this, to successfully renew and adapt their businesses, do not exist within the enterprise itself, or in the public administration for that matter, but outside of their organisation. It is not only the case that large multi-national companies must find new strategies for opening up and learning to collaborate with a wider variety of organisations and entrepreneurs (by providing access to their data, established brands, distribution channels, subcontractor relations, CRM databases, premises, attorneys, and more) but they must also learn how to work as if they really are entrepreneurs themselves. 


The new generation of labour and talent are increasingly dissatisfied with the rather dismal prospect of becoming a passive employee in one of the classical multinationals. Largely because of the limits that this entails – limited freedom, zero ownership, partial opportunities for participation in strategy and little gain from the added value they stand for. They simply demand more. Fortunately for big businesses, startups crave what they don’t have in order to quickly scale up – financial strength, industry connections, distribution channels, strong brands and the administrative muscles needed for mass sales. This is where the combination of talent and resources can be truly successful and may well be the best option for the opening up the old “dinosaurs” and enable them to remain relevant. Trondheim is a new powerhouse of innovation in the Nordics with unique strengths when it comes to accessing talents, expertise, markets and capital.

In Trondheim we aim to change the way big corporates, academia and public sector interact with startups, talents and new technology in order to help bring new products and services to the market and create new industries. We are constantly helping to build an eco-system for entrepreneurs to scale up the new companies, services and products that will fill the innovation gap in both the public and the private sectors of the future. We believe that technology entrepreneurs can bring needed change to all industries, and we’re lowering the barriers for them to succeed. Innovation tends to flourish when knowledge, entrepreneurship and capital are combined in effective cooperation models. Technoport is a hotbed for such cooperation and we look forward to see you in Trondheim to join us in building the next industries and meet the people commercialising their knowledge, for a better world! 

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Photo by: Wil Lee-Wright 

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