Stephen Hawking and STARMUS Festival coming to Trondheim

One of the world's most famous scientists will be visiting Trondheim during the STARMUS Festival
Stephen Hawking

In June 2017, STARMUS Festival is coming to Trondheim and it’s bringing a whole host of impressive speakers – earlier mentioned Stephen Hawking, several Nobel Prize winners, including Trondheim’s very own Nobel Prize winners May-Britt and Edvard Moser, cosmonauts, musicians, and many, many more.
The Starmus Festival was born to celebrate science and the arts with the goal of bringing an understanding and appreciation of science to the public at large.

Starmus IV is going to be the biggest Starmus festival yet: an international star-studded gathering of scientists, artists, musicians, writers, business leaders, and more; all coming together to celebrate science. It will be an exciting festival of talks, concerts, debates, parties, and learning.
As members of the advisory board emphasized, Trondheim is a great city for STARMUS Festival. Its combination of tech infrastructure, developed academics community, huge student population, and even its size, make it a perfect candidate for the festival.

‘Trondheim is just big enough to be completely dominated by the festival and to get everyone involved, and that’s exactly what we want – to communicate astronomy to the public. If we are happy with the city, we want to have two more festivals here’ says Garik  Israelian, one of the festival's founders.

The festival will be organized by Technoport in collaboration with NTNU. Technoport’s CEO emphasizes the importance of events like this for Trondheim:

‘We are honoured and excited that Technoport, in collaboration with our partners, was able to secure this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Trondheim will soon be crawling with biggest stars in science, led by the world's most celebrated scientist, Stephen Hawking. 

We all know Trondheim is a big football city, and we promise that this festival will be mentioned and talked about more than any football club that visited Trondheim ever was. It will popularise science for all our citizens and invite them to become part of the global science community, become science supporters and fans. 

We have been preparing for this for years, and the amazing work we did with Technoport’s conferences proves that this is the next natural step for our organisation. We excelled in our own league, and now it’s time to get promoted – as if we were being promoted to the Premiere League of Science, and all of us here at Technoport couldn’t be more thrilled for the opportunity at hand. 

STARMUS is important for Trondheim because it puts the city on the international forefront of science, and it attracts science to the city itself. Trondheim is perfect for STARMUS because of its size and focus on research and innovation. The festival creates curiosity and it will inspire thousands. The ripple effects of a festival this size and importance will be astonishing and long lasting, and we can barely wait for it.’

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